4 Ways That Shopify Plus And Magento Enterprise Will Enhance the Customers’ Experience

In this era, customers have different places of shopping online than ever. Hence, if you want more customers to purchase from you, you need to attract their attention quickly. Two platforms can help you to achieve this. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise have features that can convert visitors to customers. Here are 4 ways they can enhance the customers’ experience:

Mobile optimization feature

The two platforms will allow you to offer discounts and promotions

Providing offers is a great way that can increase your sales.  Hence, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform that will allow you to provide discounted products, coupon codes and free shipping. With this, customers can purchase your items and save money. The Magento enterprise has built-in promotion engines which you can extend via customization. This promotion engine can support a lot of promotions and discounts. For the Shopify plus, you will have to pay a monthly fee for the feature.

The mobile device plays a crucial role in enabling customers to browse online with ease. Because the device is flexible, customers will have an opportunity to search for the best products any time. However, with a desktop, it can be challenging to use it while on the go. Due to this, you need to create an enterprise site that supports the mobile. Migrating from Magento and Shopify plus come with responsive themes. Some of the themes are free while for others you will have to pay. With this, you can select the themes that can fit your budget. Being responsive means that the site will support all mobile devices. With this, customers can use a device of their choice to navigate through your website.

  • With Shopify plus or Magento enterprise, you can create a site with short and clear check-out process

Customers will abandon a website that will provide a lengthy check-out process. Because of their tight schedules, they like spending a few minutes during purchases. Thus, you need to care for their needs. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise have the customization feature. With this, you can change the check-out process in a way that customers will make purchases quickly. The feature can enable you to provide a Shopping cart on every product page to allow customers to add items without leaving their current page.

Integrated Payment gateways

Each customer has his/her payment method of choice. Hence, offering various ways can allow customers to use one of their preferences. Magento Enterprise has few methods. However, you can add more. The Shopify plus comes with over 70 secure payment gateways to allow customers to make a quick and safe payment.