Debunked: 2 Misconceptions About Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

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In the 21st century, moving your business to the online arena is not optional. Selling online is the new buzz and a hub of opportunities for entrepreneurs with a dream of succeeding. As you know, the e-commerce platform you select matters. Whether you are running a small business or an enterprise, making the wrong choice will lead to a drastic fall of your venture. For this reason, you should be conscious at this stage.

Shopify plus and Magento enterprises are some of the top-ranking enterprise e-commerce platforms you can choose. However, several myths and misconceptions are widespread in the online arena which can confuse you leading to poor decision. This article seeks to debunk 2 misconceptions about the two e-commerce solutions to help you make wise decisions. Here they are:

Both platforms offer a similar customer experience

Well, the customer experience in your e-commerce platform determines your sales level. Offering a great experience to your customer means more sales and profits in your venture. However, this aspect anchors on your platform. When choosing Shopify plus and Magneto enterprise, developers will tell you to go for either. They will argue that each of the two will offer similar customer experience.

But the truth is: each of the two solutions comes with a different level of customer experience. For instance, Shopify plus is a SaaS platform. Hence, you have limited opportunity to customize your services. On the other hand, Magento enterprise allows you to work with the codes to achieve the best customer experience.

The two solutions are good for mobile commerce

Certainly, selling through mobile devices is becoming a common aspect. As mobile devices continue evolving, people are shifting from PC to mobile shopping. Due to this, any person with a goal to earn high profits must focus on the new norm. Your e-commerce solution has the upper hand in the realization of this goal. Some experts will advise you on going for either Shopify plus or Magento enterprise.

While the two enterprise platforms support mobile e-commerce, Shopify is a leeway. This platform comes with templates that are highly responsive and adaptive to any screen size. In turn, for you to sell through mobile devices with a Magento based site, you need to invest a lot of time and cash in coding. Remember, you must develop a framework and a template for your site to support mobile commerce. Hence, Shopify plus stands out as the preferable mobile selling platform.

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