Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: 2 Things To Consider Before Choosing Either

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Are you transforming your physical enterprise into digital business? You want to start selling online. Such a move is a positive one. With the technology defining everything in the walk of life, selling online is no longer a choice among many. You must join others in the online arena to remain competitive. There’s no promise of success through selling on the virtual platform.

In simple terms, launching an e-commerce website is not a visa to success. Particularly, if you are an enterprise level entrepreneur, choosing between Shopify plus and Magento enterprise can be the deciding factor. However, you need to consider some things before making your decision. Here are 3 aspects to pay attention to:


Flexibility is a crucial aspect of the business. From time to time, you may like to change your business model. It may be that your current niche might be earning you low profits. So, you decide to change it and start selling other products. For this to happen, your enterprise platform must be flexible. In this aspect, Magento enterprise scores high. Considering it is an open source, it allows you to do anything you want with your e-commerce website. You can change your templates or shift to a new niche at any moment. The platform comes with an architecture design that enhances these abilities.

In contrast, Shopify plus is less flexible. It does not have customization freedoms. Also, you must use the availed templates. No room for sourcing themes or templates from outside. Hence, if flexibility is your priority, you need to go for Magento enterprise.

Innovativeness should be a priority

As you know, you need to be innovative. For you to remain ahead of your competitors, your site must offer the best customer experience and apply the prevailing technologies. Also, your site must be conscious of changes in the e-commerce arena. With this, your business will remain competitive and enable you to realize your online dreams. Also, it will be an added advantage to your competitiveness as customers will view you as a conscious webpreneur.

When it comes to innovativeness, Shopify plus takes the lead. The developer behind this e-commerce solution focuses on ensuring their customers stand out from the cloud. For this reason, the work-around the clock to ensure their site matches with the prevailing trends in the e-commerce sphere. For Magento enterprise, you have a huge task of conforming your site to the new trends – coding is not an exception.

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